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CFP: Workshop Concord Phenomena and the Syntax Semantics Interface

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Deadline March 1, 2006

Workshop Concord Phenomena and the Syntax Semantics Interface
August 7 -- 11, 2006

organized as part of the
European Summer School on Logic, Language and Information
ESSLLI 2006 http://esslli2006.lcc.uma.es/
31 July - 11 August, 2006 in Malaga, Spain

	*Concord Phenomena*
In natural languages a functional operation can be
manifested more than once in the morphosyntax of one
sentence. Most notable are the phenomena of negative
concord (where several negative elements contribute
to one negation) and sequence of tense phenomena,
where the same happens in the temporal domain. Similar
observations can be made regarding the domain of mood,
case-agreement, multiple Wh, and conditional sentences.
On a general and intuitive level, the similarities are

	*Thematic Questions*
These phenomena have each been studied in various
domains, from both an empirical and a theoretical
point of view. With this workshop we want to solicit
contributions which approach the phenomena from a
general, cross-categorial perspective: across the
various domains, theoretical, and typological as well.
Thematic questions: What should be the logical form of those
constructions? To what extent (at what cost) does it
allow for a compositional treatment? How similar and
how general are the phenomena really? What do these
phenomena tell us about the model of grammar?

More details can be found on our website.

Deadline for submissions: March 1,
by email to either one of the organizers
mentioned below.

With kind regards,

Paul Dekker (p.j.e.dekker@uva.nl)
Hedde Zeijlstra (hedde.zeijlstra@uni-tuebingen.de)

Paul Dekker -- ILLC/Department of Philosophy -- University of Amsterdam
-- Nieuwe Doelenstraat 15 -- NL-1012 CP Amsterdam -- The Netherlands --
tel: +31 20 5254541 / fax: +31 20 5254503 -- email: p.j.e.dekker@uva.nl

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