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Re: owl: <Class> <relationship> <individual> - is that okay?

From: Benjamin Nowack <bnowack@appmosphere.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 19:34:15 +0200
To: <david.celjuska@bt.com>
Cc: www-rdf-logic@w3.org
Message-ID: <PM-EH.20040906193415.59467.1.1D@>

On 06.09.2004 12:07:28, david.celjuska@bt.com wrote:
>CAn an owl class be linked to an individual?
>For example I need to express (in tripples):
>Flag hasColor whiteColor.
>Flag hasColor redColor.
>slovakFlag rdf:type Flag.
>slovakFlag hasColor blueColor.
>flagWhiteRed rdf:type Flag.
>Note that Flag is a class and slovakFlag,
>whiteColor, blueColor and redColor are individuals.
>isColorIn owl:inverseOf hasColor.
>whiteColor isColorIn Flag.
>redColor isColorIn Flag.
>The question now is again the last two statements.
>Is that all legal? If not, how could I create
>a class of which individuals would automaticaly
>inherite its property values. I was also looking
>at owl:hasValue but this the restricion. 

AFAIK it's possible and legal in OWL Full. But I think
this doesn't let you infer that an individual with
rdf:type Flag "inherits" the hasColor relations of 
the class description. But OWL's hasValue restriction
construct should be able to help you here:

you could define general "Flag" and "Color" classes:

   Flag rdf:type owl:Class,
   Color rdf:type owl:Class,

a property "hasColor" and some individuals:

   hasColor rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty,
   redColor rdf:type Color
   whiteColor rdf:type Color
   blueColor rdf:type Color

describe those Flags, that have white and red colors
in it:

   FlagWhiteRed rdfs:subClassOf Flag;

   FlagWhiteRed rdfs:subClassOf _:r1
   _:r1 rdf:type owl:Restriction
   _:r1 owl:onProperty hasColor
   _:r1 owl:hasValue whiteColor

   FlagWhiteRed rdfs:subClassOf _:r2
   _:r2 rdf:type owl:Restriction
   _:r2 owl:onProperty hasColor
   _:r2 owl:hasValue redColor

describe an individual with additional hasColor
   slovakFlag rdf:type FlagWhiteRed
      (this should imply
        slovakFlag hasColor redColor
        slovakFlag hasColor whiteColor)
   slovakFlag hasColor blueColor


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