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Vol. 61 - 22 November 2004

Allan McGowanEditor's note

A strange mixture of optimism, trouble and deja vu seems to be the theme of the music industry of late. The major companies are reporting increases in profits, due to healthy record sales in the US and the UK, although this isn’t much comfort for those laid off due to the Sony BMG merger. It is believed that in order to meet cost savings of $350 million some 2,000 jobs will be lost worldwide in the wake of the merger. In the meantime the independent record company associations in Europe continue to robustly challenge the mergers and the harm they insist will be caused to their business and the future for new talent. Live in general is still healthy, even in Germany with all its economic problems, the demand for shows appears to be growing, although great caution is being urged over the steady increase of ticket prices.

Interesting to see that Clear Channel in the US, following a summer in which audiences expressed their disapproval of rising prices by staying away, have reverted to using the original names of the concert companies they bought in the nineties – will we see this in Europe soon?

It seems also that certain genres of music can’t disassociate from trouble, the row about homophobic lyrics is Dancehall Reggae, and the association with guns and rap still makes the headlines. On the other hand the Band Aid spirit continues with the new single, and speculation about another Live Aid, to combat starvation and highlight the troubles in Africa and elsewhere. Also stars still try to use their celebrity voices to protest, as Madonna did on a recent BBC Radio 2 interview, saying, "I just don't want American troops to be in Iraq, period. My feelings are 'can we just all get out?

Although we are definitely seeing new acts break through, it’s still the ‘vintage’ acts, plus relative youngsters like U2 that really hold sway. McCartney nominated for a best Festival appearance award, the Eagles triumphing in Australia, and next year includes rumours of a Cream reunion for an Albert Hall concert, 36 years after the last show, and the Who to release a new studio album and tour. Two recent polls for the best ever rock song, and the best cover have gone to Bob Dylan, for ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ and the Hendrix version of ‘All Along the Watchtower’.

But there’s no doubt that new talent is emerging everywhere, and that we’re finding ways on the live circuits to move talent around to expose them to international audiences sooner than has been possible in the past. We report in this issue on the line up for next January’s Eurosonic, which is growing in reputation as a place to spot breaking acts. Also this week the second ‘Access All Areas’ takes place in Stockholm on Thursday and Friday, and features more than 30 artists from Sweden, UK, France and Norway, we wish them all well.

So after that jumbled and hurried attempt to cast an eye over the vast panoply of the current music business …. Here’s the news!
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Eurosonic Announce Acts
Allan McGowan
As the source event for the European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP), The Eurosonic Festival has become a sought after ‘Gateway’ into the full range of the European territories, much in the same way that an appearance at SXSW in Austin, Texas can open doors to exposure in the US.

The first list of acts booked for the event, which takes place in Groningen, Holland as part of the Noorderslag weekend on January 13-15, has been released. 

The MTV EMAs 2004
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
On November 18, Rome became the host for this year’s edition of the MTV European Music Awards. As in previous years this show is an extraordinary example of a high-class event for pop culture.

Okay, the audience in Edinburgh was more enthusiastic than in Rome, and US Rapper Xzibit as the presenter for the show could not be compared with Christina Aguilerra, he did a job good but Christina spread more charm when she presented last year’s EMAs. 

Fans United: - Listening to the Audience
Allan McGowan
First and foremost Guido Karp is an award winning music photographer., having been nominated three consecutive times as Music Photographer Of The Year at the prestigious Diamond Awards Festival in Antwerp.

He still photographs leading celebrities of the music business, but a great deal of his time is now invested in the continued development of his worldwide syndication company, FansUNITED 

DEAG Present SFB Rocknacht Again
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
It is almost 20 years since the Sender Freies Berlin produced a TV show dedicated to live music.
Not as prestigious as the WDR Rockpalast as the show only covers concerts of domestic acts, DEAG have revamped the format entitled SFB Rocknacht in cooperation with RBB, for which the SFB have merged with the RBB.  

Standing Room Also at NIA Academy
Allan McGowan
Many major Cities do not have the range of venues to cater for the varying audience expectations of all the touring acts. As a result, and in order to optimize the use of their facilities arena’s are now constructed with built in flexibility, and existing facilities have used various ingenious methods to make their space adaptable.

The National Indoor Arena in Birmingham is one of the busiest large scale indoor sporting and entertainment venues in Europe 

A Preliminary Financial Summary for Record Companies
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
Universal Music Group (UMG) made revenues in Q3 2004 of 1,164 billion Euro and gained 4%. Until September 20, 2004 the total turnover had been 3,233 billion Euro which had been 2% less than the results in 2003 at 3,282 billion Euro.

EMI failed to meet turnover expectations and gained revenue of £851.0 million in the first half of their business year 2004/2005 until September 30 

CTS Ticketing as Company Gainer
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
CTS Eventim have released 3rd quarter results. Even if the German market leader remained below expectations the business report had no significant effect on the share price.  

Morrissey The Musical?
Allan McGowan
In the last issue we reported on the opening of ‘We will Rock You’- the Musical based on the music of Queen, in Germany. Having moved on from productions based on the lives of sadly deceased rockers such as Buddy Holly and Elvis, writers of these extravaganzas have tapped into the popularity of still extant stars, alongside Queen we now have shows featuring the music, and the images of Abba and Rod Stewart, and now if all goes ahead, a more unexpected figure may be at the centre of the next pop-rock West End musical to hit the stage. 


Live Music Share In One View
Manfred Tari
Clear Channel (CCU.NSE.): $33,91 reported in the last issue. On November 22. CCU was indicated with 34.23 USD.

CTS Eventim (EVD.FSE): From 14.60 instead 14,90 Euro last time. Nevertheless in the meantime CTS also peaked the 15 Euro border.

DEAG (ERM.FSE): Yet again a little loss. From 1.60 Euro down to 1.55 Euro.

Mean Fiddler (MEF.ISE): Down again to 40 Pence while two weeks ago the share cost 42 and before that 40 Pence.

Sanctuary (SGP.ISE): From 44 Pence last time up to 45,00 Pence.  

DEAG Company Results
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
DEAG’s revenue results remain almost the same as last year.  

Christopher Entertainment

Christopher Entertainment is a Danish owned management, promotor and booking agency, established in 1986. Christopher Entertainment has over the years presented some of the world's finest artists such as: Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Santana, Boyzone, The Corrs etc.

As a booking agency Christopher Entertainment has delivered artists to major festivals such as: The Roskilde Festival, The Midtfyns Festival, The Langeland Festival, The Skanderborg Festival, The Jelling Musicfestival etc. Christopher Entertainment is management for mostly Danish artists: Stig Rossen, Gudrun, Jacob Andersen etc and we represent Andrew Strong and Barrage in Scandinavia.

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