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Re: DAML+OIL documentation ambiguous?

From: Yarden Katz <katz@underlevel.net>
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 00:20:05 -0500
To: Matt Halstead <matt.halstead@auckland.ac.nz>
Cc: www-rdf-logic@w3c.org
Message-ID: <8665o2gry2.fsf@underlevel.net>

Matt Halstead <matt.halstead@auckland.ac.nz> writes:

> "This _could_ suggest..." was my point
> Just pointing out that someone could interpret that as meaning that
> specifying a property restriction demands that each instance of person
> has this property, especially when it's not easy to find a reference
> to the fact that property restrictions like this are optional.  I
> would bet object oriented people coming to DAML+OIL and trying to get
> to grips with DL based thinking could get the wrong interpretation.

Ah, okay.

Maybe a newcomer to DAML will be confused just by looking at that
snippet, but surely anyone who bothers reading about daml:Restriction
will also run into daml:cardinality, at which point the confusion that
you suggest will be resolved.

Anyhow, it seemed clear to me.

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