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Java reasoner for DAML-S

From: Daniel Elenius <danel698@student.liu.se>
Date: 14 Feb 2003 20:10:59 +0100
To: www-rdf-logic@w3.org
Message-Id: <1045249859.989.80.camel@p85.ryd.student.liu.se>

Hi all!

I need to 'query' DAML-S files for relevant properties, and possibly to
some description logic reasoning with the ontologies... I'm using Java.
What options do I have? I know about Jena (doesn't seem to do it, yet at
least) and XSB with YAJXB or InterProlog. I've also heard about
CORBA-FaCT. Are there other alternatives? What have people here tried?
Which would be my best choice?

As you can see I am new to this, so any feedback would be appreciated.
Also, sorry for the double posting, I also posted this to
www-ws@w3.org,  before I realised this list was the right place.

Daniel Elenius <danel698@student.liu.se>
Received on Friday, 14 February 2003 14:11:17 UTC

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