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R: questions on assertion

From: Franco Salvetti <franco.salvetti@tiscalinet.it>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 11:30:59 +0200
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>> From: Giles Hogben
>> I don't agree here. I think what you are saying is circular.
>> What is a "statement that something is true" if it does not
>> contain some
>> notion of belief.
>Personal view, I'd say that involved two assertions.
>1. I assert that that  can contains beans.
>2. I am a worldAuthorityOnBakedBeans.
>The first makes the assertion,
>the second states with what authority I speak.

Sorry, we have now a language, RDF to state assertion. I think that is more
useful for us if we try to use this language to assert someting and not the
most common *natural language*. Moreover, something like
*worlAuthorityOnBakedBeans" has, for my PC the same meaning than
"skjhgksjghslhgdghhg" and I am not able to see relation between it and the
first assertion.

all the best

>My 0.02Euros.
>regards DaveP
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