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Re: reification test case

From: Seth Russell <seth@robustai.net>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 05:32:57 -0800
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To: "Peter F. Patel-Schneider" <pfps@research.bell-labs.com>
Cc: <www-rdf-logic@w3.org>
From: "Peter F. Patel-Schneider" <pfps@research.bell-labs.com>

> Again, I'm interested in wording in RDF M&S that indicates that there can
> be more than one reification of a given statement.  I can't even find an
> issue in the RDF Issue Tracking document about this.

..which refers to
... which is the first place (that I know of) where Dan Brickley raised this
issue back in 1999.  You may find where he says: "I believe the model spec
is a little unclear on this" especially enlightening.

Seth Russell
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