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FOIS 2001 registration

From: Bill Andersen <andersen@ontologyworks.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 21:11:11 -0500
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Here's another reminder to register for FOIS-2001 if you have not already
done so.  Registration is less than we would like right now and we need your
help to keep the costs down for everyone.

To register, please visit the conference web site:


Thanks & hope to see you at FOIS.

   - Bill Andersen
     FOIS-2001 publicity chair


Research on ontology is becoming increasingly widespread in the computer
science community. Its importance has been recognized in fields as diverse
as e-commerce, enterprise and information integration, qualitative modelling
of physical systems, natural language processing, knowledge engineering,
database design, geographic information science, libraries, and intelligent
information access. Insights in this field have potential impact on the
whole area of information systems. In order to provide a solid general
foundation for this work, it is important to focus on the common scientific
principles and open problems arising from current tools, methodologies, and
applications of ontology. 

We envision FOIS to be a unique gathering whose essential character is
strongly interdisciplinary, and truly unlike any other conference. The
program committee includes representatives of three broad disciplines:
computer and information science, philosophy, and linguistics, and includes
researchers from sub-areas as diverse as formal ontology, knowledge
engineering, logic, database design, natural language processing, library
science, knowledge representation, descriptive metaphysics, and geographic
information systems. 

Although the primary focus of the conference is on theoretical issues,
methodological proposals as well as concrete applications from a
well-founded theoretical perspective, top-level ontologies, web and
e-commerce content standards, and enterprise modeling also fall within the
scope of this meeting. For a more specific list of topics, see the
conference Call for Papers.

Bill Andersen
Chief Scientist, Ontology Works
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Odenton, Maryland, 21113
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