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DAML+OIL for queries

From: Jonas Liljegren <jonas@rit.se>
Date: 01 Mar 2001 12:35:00 +0100
To: www-rdf-logic@w3.org, Wraf development <rdf@uxn.nu>
Message-ID: <87lmqp90yj.fsf@jonas.rit.se>
Can DAML+OIL be used for declaring wanted resources?

Maby by defining a class, and saying that it's members must have
specific properties?  Or that it should have either this or that
property, but not both?

I am now looking back on some thoughts on how to represent questions
in RDF.  I am inclined to use the model of asking questions by
describing the thing you search for.

You describe X by its properties and types.  You may say that it's
either this or that.

Let's say you are describing a trafic light.  You say that X is a
thing that is either red or green or yellow (in Sweden).  This is a
description of a thing with a colour property that alterate over time.

It would be another thing to talk about something there the property
is constant, but you are not sure on it.  X is a ball and it is either
red or blue.

A RDF service should answer the question by saying that the thing
described has the same properties as this list of resources.  The list
will be diffrent if you are searching for things that has one of the
properties (as the ball), or things that could have all of the
properties (as with the trafic light).  And you could also say things
that it will not have.  Maby you describe two colours of the thing and
imples that it does not have more than those two colours.

What I want to say:

A question can also be a description using a bag of statements.  The
description could be about a hypothetical object, or it could be about
a collection of objects.  By letting the service find aliases, you
don't have to use any type of variables.

Has anyone here a suggestions on how to write those descriptions?  You
basicly have to insert a way to add ORs and NOTs.  AND is the
default.  Is it a good idea to use DAML+OIL for this?

/ Jonas Liljegren

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