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Re: DAML-S expressiveness challenge #1

From: Jim Hendler <jhendler@darpa.mil>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 08:13:20 -0400
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To: David Martin <martin@AI.SRI.COM>
Cc: www-rdf-logic@w3.org
>          DAML-S expressiveness challenge #1 -
>Is it possible (or is it likely to be possible in some future release of
>DAML+OIL or DAML-L) to express the following constraint/restriction:
>    "The value of an instance of property P1, in some particular
>context/scope/situation, must be the same as the value of an instance
>of property P2 in that same context/scope/situation."
>What do I mean by context/scope/situation?  Well, that's up for
>discussion, but to get us started, let's just say I mean "namespace".

  I'm confused - seems to me you are confusing language and processing 
of the language.  DAML-S seems to me to be a model of declarative 
specification - prescribing how something "binds" seems to me to be a 
specification as to how you process that knowledge.  Seems to me that 
if DAML-S wants to add this sort of processing semantics (which I 
don't object to in principle), it is separate from the DAML language 
per se -- I.e. you need a DAML-S processing spec -- see the XML 
Process spec work at W3 for an example
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