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RDF & XML Schema

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Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 21:00:34 +0000 (GMT)
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I spent most of yesterday reading old posts about using XML Schema with RDF and DAML.

My understanding now is that the XML Schema built-in types are used and that simleTypes and complexTypes defined in XML Schemas cannot be re-used because RDF should be self-contained and have all of its rules stored within the document itself - correct on this ??

If this is true, then my main question is how all the work that is put into defining the simpleTypes and complexTypes will be re-used.

The ways i though of were

1. Stay as it is with RDF/DAML defining the rules as they do just now (heck of a lot of re-use not available)

2. Use XSLT or some kind of transform to create RDF/DAML equivalents of the XML Schema types (not great as the result must be pre-entered or dyncmically entered into the RDF before it is used).

3. Embed XML Schema classes within RDF (anyone looked at this?).

I only ask as my main focus is using these technologies within a commercial application environment and we don't generally have time to write rules in multiple languages!! 

(I even saw something recently about resue of these kind of rules in procedural langauges).

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