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RE: QNames, semantics, serialization

From: <Patrick.Stickler@nokia.com>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 06:51:31 +0300
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To: drew.mcdermott@yale.edu, www-rdf-logic@w3.org

> I believe I am echoing Pat Hayes when I say that I don't understand
> why it is considered desirable, let alone essential, let alone
> *possible*, that there be only one name for each object.  What on
> earth could guarantee such a thing?  Lasers in space that destroy any
> computer found to have a nonofficial URI for an object?

You misunderstood me. As did Pat earlier. I never said that a given 
'entity' on the SW couldn't be represented by more than one URI. Please 
re-read my posting. I said that if *two* *different* entities each having
distinct serialized identity were *unintentionally* given the same URI
in the RDF graph, then that would not be a good thing.

I can't possibly imagine why anyone would think otherwise.

I think I will refrain from any further postings to the www-rdf-logic
list, as it seems I am unnable to communicate clearly enough for anyone
to actually follow what I'm saying. I say tomato, folks read potato. And
then write pages of arguments about potatos.

It seems a waste of time....



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