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Re: XML Serialization

From: Sean B. Palmer <sean@mysterylights.com>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 02:26:59 +0100
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To: "Dan Brickley" <danbri@w3.org>, "Sandro Hawke" <sandro@w3.org>
Cc: "pat hayes" <phayes@ai.uwf.edu>, <www-rdf-logic@w3.org>
> Has anyone really found RDF's angle-bracket syntax allowing
> it to be embedded in HTML/XML structures to be useful?

I can find no evidence of that whatsoever, which is quite interesting. RDF
data in XHTML is obviously going to be there for a purpose, i.e. there will
be some application in mind, otherwise, why would one embed it? The notion
of having "unconstrained" RDF floating about in HTML is a bit absurd: why
not just use an RDF file in the first place?

If, on the other hand, you're including the RDF as metadata about the page,
then HTML already contains methods for attaching metadata (<meta/> and
<link/>), and I'm working on an XSLT stylesheet that, when used in
conjunction with a profile attribute, can map this neatly into RDF. Or, if
you really, really, want to use the RDF straight up, you can link to it
using the <link/> element.


Kindest Regards,
Sean B. Palmer
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