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Re: I have a trouble with The RDF Model

From: Graham Klyne <gk-lists@dial.pipex.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 20:25:44 +0000
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To: pat hayes <phayes@ai.uwf.edu>
Cc: <www-rdf-logic@w3.org>
At 04:40 PM 11/29/00 -0600, pat hayes wrote:

>>I'm not sure I'd know a model theory if it leapt up and bit me, but 
>>that's a useful start for me.  What would you say is the "range" of a 
>>model theory?

Thank you for the explanation.  I found that very helpful.

>>>So I repeat: are you saying that the 'at' assertions are part of RDF, or 
>>I'd say not, but that it is possible to _model_ the 'at' assertions in RDF.
>The trouble with that answer is, I really do not know what it means. What 
>sense of 'model' are you using? Do you mean it is possible to *describe* 
>them in RDF? Or that it is possible to *simulate* them in RDF? Or that 
>they are some kind of assertional *extension* to RDF? Or *axioms written 
>in RDF syntax*? Any help would be appreciated.

Er, that was sloppy of me -- I've only just begun to realize the depth of 
special meaning associated with the word "model" in this context.  I meant 
it is possible to describe them in RDF.  (I'm not sure whether that is 
always distinct from "simulate")

[Refreshing the cache...]
>([Bush, wonThe, Election] at RobustAI)
>No, the model theory simply assigns interpretations to the syntactic 
>constructions; it does not control the syntax. If the 'at' construction is 
>part of the syntax then the model theory should assign it a meaning, and 
>if it is not part of the syntax then it should ignore it. So, is 'at' part 
>of RDF syntax or not?

I meant that I think it is possible to construct an RDF graph that 
represents the intended meaning of the statement above;  e.g.



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