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Re: What if an URI also is a URL

From: Reto Bachmann-Gmür <rbg@talis.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 22:30:43 +0200
Message-ID: <46D728F3.6000800@talis.com>
To: Oskar Welzl <lists@welzl.info>
CC: www-rdf-interest@w3.org, wangxiao@musc.edu

Oskar Welzl wrote:
> [....]
> I'm not willing to accept this, so I'll have to stick with my original
> intention of creating a URI other than http://www.flickr.com for flickr,
> the service. Or, more practical at the moment, use
> http://oskar.twoday.net/ID/names#thisblog or some similar construct for
> my weblog, maybe even provide some machine-readable info about the
> website there. (BTW: is there a somewhat popular ontology to describe
> websites? like: domain, index page, contact, sitemap,...)
> Pity, though, that there hardly seems to be an agreement on how to
> handle this issue, so simply by choosing the above URI myself I will not
> prevent *others* making statements like 
> <#thismail> mail:sender <http://oskar.twoday.net>
> when they refer to an update-notification they received from the weblog.
Reading this I think I misunderstood what you mean with "blog" I was
referring to a blog as a changing collection of articles not as
something that sends email. If we agree that an information resource
can't be the mail:sender of a mail then the statement

<#thismail> mail:sender <http://oskar.twoday.net>

is necessarily wrong, as a GET request to http://oskar.twoday.net is
responded with a 2XX response and with this response the resource in
unambiguously an information[1]. resource.


1. http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-tag/2005Jun/0039.html

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