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Re: Communal RDF Statements / Kendra

From: Neil Harris <usenet@tonal.clara.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 15:58:36 +0100
Message-ID: <427CD79C.4090401@tonal.clara.co.uk>
To: Daniel Zambonini <dan.zambonini@boxuk.com>
CC: www-rdf-interest@w3.org, Daniel Harris <daniel@kendra.org.uk>

Daniel Zambonini wrote:

>Here's a strange idea - apologies if it's been suggested before.
>One of my main concerns with the basic development of the SW is that
>when I create statements about a dog, http://www.myuri.com/animals/dog,
>and you create statements about a dog,
>http://www.youruri.org/mammals/dog, our 'web' of statements are
>unconnected, unless we explicitly relate our uris.
>Has anyone considered creating a core wikipedia-like resource of
>class/property URIs, that can be edited like a normal wiki (i.e. anyone
>can contribute RDF statements about any URI)?
>Just to clarify - this would be a wiki-like website, with communal
>access to editing the information.  But rather than having
>wiki-code/html for each page/node in the wiki, each page/node (uri)
>would be a set of RDF/XML statements about that uri, which the browser
>could then display to the user through linking to an XSL stylesheet
>(that would also add the html forms that allowed people to edit it,
>etc.).  So, if you went to:
>    http://www.rdfwiki.org/wiki/Dog
>for example, your web browser would be getting a list of RDF/OWL
>statements about http://www.rdfwiki.org/wiki/Dog, and then transforming
>that into something pretty (with editing capabilities that allowed you
>to edit/add to the statements about this URI, or add further URIs/nodes,
>like a normal wiki).  We could both then use the
>http://www.rdfwiki.org/wiki/Dog URI in our statements, and our agents
>would benefit from any additional RDF/OWL logic which people may have
>added in the Wiki.
>Does this idea actually make sense, or am I talking like a crazy man?
See http://dev1.kendra.org.uk/ for a work-in-progress. It's live 
pre-alpha software, so it's in constant flux, and quite likely to be 
slow, partially or totally broken at any given time, but it's good 
enough to give a flavour of what is intended for a production system.

In this case, the underlying user-editable code is Wiki-like-code that 
is used to generate a n-tuple store in an SQL database, which is then 
used as a database for searches, and to generate RDF,

-- Neil

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