At 12:16 PM 11/3/00 -0500, Dan Brickley wrote:
I want RDF because it seems a good way of getting the Web that was originally proposed

Me too!

A previous response contained the germ of what I want for Christmas: authoring tools for XHTML that prompt/encourage/demand/require inclusion of "who, when, how" stuff which can almost be automagically generated and "what, why" things that require some thought on the part of the author. (I've left out the "where", but I'm not sure why!)

These tools would be about as transparent as the usual method in which a placeholder for <title>"insert title here"</title> is looked for and if found causes a "nag" to the author to insert a "real" title. Doing this for the sort of information that would be useful to RDF applications from within a document would seem to be a good place to start "massivizing" indexing content on the Web. In my particular area of interest, accessibility, there could be a request for claims of conformance to particular guidelines, and this could possibly be a part of any "Tidy"ing or "Gerald"izing (you know, the W3C XHTML validator by Bro. Oskoboiny).