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Vol. 63 - 18 January 2005

Allan McGowanEditor's note

Having just returned from a hectic few days in the very civilised city of Groningen in the North of Holland, where the whole of the VIP team attended the increasingly important Noorderslag/Eurosonic event, I feel as though we are now well into 2005. However, I realise with some surprise that this is in fact our first Newsletter of the year, so Happy New Year to all of you and I hope that your year has started well and will continue in the best possible way in both business and personal terms.

2005 has of course started in the worst conceivable – or more correctly, inconceivable - way for the huge amount of people affected by the terrible loss of life and the destruction caused by the tsunami in SE Asia. The international music community has responded speedily and generously by arranging benefit concerts and through other means to offer financial aid, and we mention some of the efforts in this Newsletter. The VIP News contribution, as you will see from the adjacent banner, will be to donate all monies raised from new subscriptions sold in January 2005 to Unicef.

We are a day late in getting this edition out, but as I said, we have been working! New and vital things have been happening in Groningen, following the successes of acts such as Franz Ferdinand, Soundtrack of Our Lives, Under Byen and others as a result of the ETEP Programme in the last two years, this year’s contenders look set for great things, also a new and potentially very important Association for the development of the live business in Europe was announced at a VIP hosted panel.

Back in the UK things are taking on strange echoes of the past, with Elvis Presley having two number ones, including the 1000th ever top single in the British chars – albeit with only just over 21,000 sales, the lowest weekly figure ever. There are another 16 Elvis singles to be released over the next few weeks – I think it’s a softening up process for the real news when we all discover that Elvis is ‘back in the building’ and ‘Elvis Lives! – the Tour’, will be announced – talk about a long term marketing strategy! – Anyway, on with the serious business – for the first time in 2005 – the News!
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Noorderslag/Eurosonic ’05
Allan McGowan
The Noorderslag Weekend is comprised of a double festival over three nights and a business & talent conference during the day.

Although Noorderslag has been running for eighteen years now, its importance as a ‘must attend’ event for all levels of the European business the Noorderslag Weekend has increased dramatically in the last three years.  

The Institutionalisation Of The Live Music Business
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
It is the Noorderslag/Eurosonic Seminar (NES) that makes things work.

In whatever way, NES defines the agenda for the process of assembling people and organisations that undertake the mission to get a foot in the door at the EU in Brussels. 

Festivaldenmark.dk founded
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
The process of the institutionalisation is not only on an international development. 29 festivals in Denmark have founded the association Festivaldanmark.dk and teamed up under the slogan Music, Fellowship and Respect.

But what sounds a little bit like a campaign slogan for the under pressure standing anarchy community Christiania in Copenhagen means more. 

MIDEM to Host First Ever Live Music Network
Allan McGowan
MIDEM 2005, The World’s Music Market (Cannes, France, 23–27 January) will host a Live Music Network for the first time.

The networking and conference day is dedicated to the thriving live music sector and will be held on Wednesday 26 January. VIP-Booking are Media Partners with Midem for the event.  

The Network at Noorderslag/Eurosonic
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
VIP News talked with the natural president of the concert & agency association, The Network.

As usual the organisation held their annual meeting at Noorderslag. VIP News talked with Rob Berends about Noorderslag/Eurosonic in general, bands & Brussels and ETEP in particular. 

When Managers Get Applause
Manfred Tari - edited by Allan McGowan
During the ETEP selection meeting at Noorderslag/Eurosonic Ruud Berends and Peter Smidt received the appreciation of participants for their efforts for ETEP.

The program currently undergoes the 4th edition and since success stories such as Kaizers Orchestra or Franz Ferdinand this year’s edition had been awaited with some expectation.

VIP News talked to Ruud Berends about ETEP 

New Faces At Primary
Allan McGowan
London based Primary Talent International is pleased to announce the latest addition to its line-up of booking agents with the arrival in mid-January of Serena Parsons and Andy Duggan who previously made up Profile Artists Agency. 

Tsunami Benefit Shows
Allan McGowan
Musicians all around the World were quick to offer their services to raise money for the victims of the Tsunami disaster.

Shows ranging from the smallest of shows – I even saw a street performer in Brighton with a sign saying that all the money he collected that day was going to a locally organised benefit for a village in Sri Lanka - to gigs in pubs and clubs all the way up to arenas and stadiums have taken place or are about to happen 

Eurosonic- ETEP
Allan McGowan
Igor Mönnink and Sjikke Meijer of Buro Gogo, based in Groningen are the EuroSonic programme team, responsible for booking all of the acts for the Noorderslag weekend, and as a result very much involved with the European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP).  

Live Music Shares In One View
Manfred Tari
Clear Channel (CCU.NSE.): 33.15 USD was the figure VIP-News reported on December 3, 2004.
The downsize rally of the CCU shares unfortunately continues as the current share price went down to 32,00 USD

CTS Eventim (EVD.FSE): An ongoing success story. From 16,20 up to 19.00 Euro - the ultimate Christmas rise.

DEAG (ERM.FSE): A little bit of Christmas also hit DEAG.
In the financial paper “Der Vorstandsvorsizende” Deag’s CEO Peter Schwenkow declared to undertake an IPO (Initial Public Offering) with Entertainment One, Marcel Avram’s company currently based in Switzerland. The shares went up from 1,45 to 2,02 Euro.

Mean Fiddler (MEF.ISE): Why not? Might be the question and the answer is a rise from 39 up to 45 Pence.

Sanctuary (SGP.ISE): No great change here, from 45,75 Pence last time to 45,50 Pence.  


Jelling Musikfestival

Jelling Musikfestival is one of Denmark’s most popularly festivals.

The festival, which started back in 1989, is always in the last weekend of May. Jelling Musikfestival has a capacity of 15.000 people and the tickets have been sold out for the last many years.

The 15.000 people who have got a ticket can look forward to enjoy music from 3 stages and listening to national & international names from the pop/rock and folk scenes.


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