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missing bit of RDF for XML people

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 07:29:48 -0500
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this is all naive but it's in my mind and writing the email helps me to 
push it out, and let me sleep :p

It's on the usual stance of XML People saying yes there is semantics in 


XML People: You can see that the hierarchical organization and the name 
of elements is the semantics.
RDF People: No, the semantics is not "machine explicit". (subject, 
predicate, object).

What RDF people are saying is that the predicate is not given, except 
in the specification which describes the semantics of each elements of 
the XML file.

So I thought let's write something without thinking about writing good 

  subject        predicate          object

country  - (blank_predicate1) --> "Canada"
country  - (blank_predicate2) --> city  - (blank_predicate3) --> 
country  - (blank_predicate2) --> city  - (blank_predicate3) --> 
country  - (blank_predicate2) --> city  - (blank_predicate3) --> 

A blank predicate would be something, there's a relation between these 
two things, but I don't yet how to describe it, just I know that it 
exists and I know that between these type of things, the relation is 
always the same unknown type.

Exactly like we say, there is this thing but I don't have a name for it 
(blank node)

Except that this is not possible in RDF, there's no such things as 
blank predicate. But maybe all of that is very naive, and doesn't make 
sense at all. :))))

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