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[ANN] Kowari 1.0.5 released

From: Tom Adams <tom@tucanatech.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 09:33:15 -0400
Message-Id: <47070DED-179C-11D9-B04B-000A95C9112A@tucanatech.com>
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The Kowari project is pleased to announce the release of Kowari 1.0.5. 
This release includes new iTQL operations and the HAVING clause, 
improved Jena support, integration of the SOFA OWL API, improved RMI 
handling, many enhancements to the client/server functionality, support 
for N3, as well as upgrades to JRDF and Jena. Both a Kowari Lite binary 
distribution and a full source release are available.

More information is available at:

o Kowari homepage: http://www.kowari.org/
o Release notes: http://www.kowari.org/2590.htm
o Revision history: http://www.kowari.org/1217.htm

New features include:

* iTQL now supports the having clause, exclude constraints, repeated 
variables in a where constraint, improved subqueries and empty select 
   o The having clause allows restrictions to be placed on aggregate 
functions, such as count.
   o exclude imposes a logically opposite match on the graph to normal 
   o Repeated variables in the where clause allow, for example, the 
ability to find statements with the same subject and object values.
   o Subqueries now support the use of trans, walk and exclude.
   o An empty select clause returns true if the items in the where 
clause exist in the given graph.

* The existing string pool was rewritten to allow support to add new 
hard-coded datatypes. The caching was also moved closer to the string 
pool implementation, increasing load speed by up to 50%.

* Complete rewrite of the Jena support layer. Multiple Jena 
models/graphs can be created and accessed independently on multiple 
machines. Fastpath support allows RDQL queries to make use of Kowari's 
native query handling. A client/server API is added allowing client 
access to a Jena Model or Graph backed by Kowari. There are also bugs 
fixes and further enhancements to performance, such as reading RDF 

* Enhanced JRDF support including a client/server interface, similar to 

* Integration of the SOFA API is also available. This can operate on 
any JRDF compliant implementation. Currently this can be in-memory or 

* N3 file support for importing and exporting of models.

* Improved RMI support including the ability to load or save data from 
a client to a remote server or from a remote server to a client.

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