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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Knowledge Management & Delivery Seminar - 26 July 2004, Oxford, England

From: ZoŽ Briault <zoe.briault@csw.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 13:42:56 +0100
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Invitation to Register for the Knowledge Management & Delivery Seminar to be
held on 26 July, Oxford, England

Seminar Overview:
Information is sometimes said to be our most valuable asset, but information
without context, meaning, or validation is useless. Knowledge is information
that we can use, but to apply it we need to organise it and provide it in
the right place at the right time. The management and delivery of knowledge
are key areas where XML can contribute significant benefits because it is
robust, provable, and reprocessable, and because software to take advantage
of these features is already available. This seminar focuses on how
knowledge can be represented, managed and delivered using XML technology.

Knowledge Management itself is a business practice, a planned process for
generating business value from intellectual assets. In order for XML to
assist this process, many components need to be in place, including a
framework for representing the information as knowledge, tools for handling
management and delivery, methods for identifying and locating information
and deciding if it can be turned into knowledge or not, and controls for
managing the scalability.

Topics covered:
Frameworks for representing the information as knowledge - XML markup, DTDs,
Schemas, and how they can improve the representation of information without
distorting it.
Tools for handling management and delivery - software for applying markup,
for extracting information, checking integrity, organising, transforming,
and presenting it for consumption.
Methods for identifying and locating information, making it knowledge, and
keeping it current - the use of vocabularies, metadata, and ontologies;
Topic Maps, OWL, RDF, and the Semantic Web.
Putting knowledge to work using XML - managing large-scale collections of

Chair - Peter Flynn
Speakers - Kal Ahmed, Elaine Brennan, David Pawson

The seminar is being held as part of the XML Summer School 2004.  For full
details and to register, please visit www.xmlsummerschool.com
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