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Re: RDF as application/rdf+xml

From: Phil Dawes <pdawes@users.sourceforge.net>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 11:41:36 +0000
Message-ID: <16478.53488.631934.86780@gargle.gargle.HOWL>
To: Dan Brickley <danbri@w3.org>
Cc: Graham Klyne <gk@ninebynine.org>, RDF interest group <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>

Dan Brickley writes:
 > With RSS I think the situation is more complex, and
 > application/rss+xml or somesuch might be common.

This makes sense, since (as somebody pointed out in a blog recently),
RSS 1.0 can't really be considered RDF on a practical level, as most
parsers rely on the structure of the xml rather than the underlying
RDF triples.

E.g. you can't parse it with an rdf parser, serialize back to (rdf
compliant) xml and expect an rss parser to be able to read it.


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