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RE: [semanticweb] Re: A discussion: Is semantic web an old fashioned idea?Is it bubble,unworthy or an interesting researcharea

From: Joshua Allen <joshuaa@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 11:46:12 -0700
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> which ones duplicates this thread?

I already replied to you privately, off-list, yesterday with a pointer
to one such discussion which just occurred this week.

Please don't blame other people for your own ignorance.  If you can
demonstrate that you have put in some honest effort, beyond a single
puny Google search, and wild accusations that people are somehow lying
by claiming that your questions lack novelty, people would be more
inclined to help you fill in the gaps.

> My "informed opinion" is that the Semantic Web
> fails on one of it's major goals: Interoperability
> Can you give me your "informed opinion" about this?

I contributed probably ten messages to the particular thread I mentioned
to you, which would go a long way toward explaining *my* opinion on
interop.  And that is just this week.  

I would suggest that you reframe your opinion, since it's rather
meaningless as stands.  SemWeb interop has some successes, and some
failures.  Discussing where the failures are, and why; and where the
successes are, and why, is much more interesting than making such
absolutist generalizations.  All generalizations are lies.

The "semantic web" community is extremely reflective and self-critical;
I would suggest you lurk for awhile and take the time to understand the
contours and dynamics of the many diverse semweb opinions before you
decide that you're doing us a favor by throwing random insults. 
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