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RE: A discussion: Is semantic web an old fashioned idea? Is it bubble, unworthy or an interesting research area - Post your comments

From: Mazzilli, Rodrigo <rodrigo.mazzilli@hp.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 15:19:16 +0200
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Hello all,

I think we make a big mistake if we attempt to compare the WWW evolution
with current SemWeb efforts. 
Simply put, SemWeb is a far more complex attempt to bring the world
together than the WWW technologies developed at CERN. Complexity is not
however the only factor!

The main problem in my opinion is that SemWeb has some (critical) areas
which still need some research. Most important though, implementations
*should comply* to W3C's standards definition. WWW succeeded simply
because it was based on basic standards which everyone accepted! HTML
1.0 was probably not the best hypertext markup language we could have
invented but it was simple and straightforward! Even a 12-year-old child
could understand it and (boom!) suddenly everyone was writing web pages.
For instance, ontologies available today differ very much in format.
Some have plain XML+Namespaces, some plain text file, some DAML, some
RDF and some OWL and many more. 

Personally I don't waste my time investigating representations or
implementations which are not W3C compliant, which I consider THE
authority in Semweb efforts.

 Rodrigo B Mazzilli

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