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Re: I need a RDFS Parser/Validator

From: Mithun Sheshagiri <mits1@umbc.edu>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 13:26:47 -0700
Message-ID: <4134DF07.9030905@umbc.edu>
To: Kianoush Eshaghi <Kianoush.Eshaghi@metadat.at>
Cc: "'RDF interesting groupe'" <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>

        You might want to look at OWLJessKB [1]. You need 
Jess<http://herzberg.ca.sandia.gov/jess/> and Jena 
<http://jena.sourceforge.net/>to use this. Primarily used for reasoning 
but also has few rules that validate RDFS schema. Ontology API of Jena 
can be used for generating reports. You can also write arbitrarily rules 
and queries in Jess to extract information if you use OWLJessKB.


[1] "OWLJessKB is a description logic reasoner for the W3C's Ontology 
Web Language [1 
<http://edge.cs.drexel.edu/assemblies/software/owljesskb/#links>]. The 
semantics of the language is implemented using Jess, the Java Expert 
System Shell [2 
Kianoush Eshaghi wrote:

>I am looking for a appropriate RDFS validator, which is able to have the
>following abilities:
>1. It should validate a defined RDF vocabulary (RDFS), whether it
>satisfies the RDF Schema specification, which has been recommended by
>2. It should give a report about the classes and properties.
>3. It would be nice, if the validator could validate some instances
>against a given RDF vocabulary (RDFS).
>freundliche Gruesse / best regards
>Dipl.-Ing. Kianoush Eshaghi     T +43 1 74040-652
>METADAT - The Architect for Knowledge Networks
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