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CfP Int. WS on Pervasive Computing (PerComP 2004) Sept. 27, 2004 Erfurt, Germany; Deadline Aug. 27

From: Rainer Unland <raun00@yahoo.de>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 06:00:49 +0200 (CEST)
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To: Rainer Unland <unlandr@informatik.uni-essen.de>

              Call for Papers
  International Workshop on Pervasive Computing 
              (PerComP 2004)
            September 27, 2004
              Erfurt, Germany
         Fair and Exhibition Center

   Submission of papers: Aug, 27, 2004  
   Notification of authors: Sept. 5, 2004
   Final version of papers: Sept. 19, 2004

Due to immense technological progress in the
IT-related industries in the recent past it can
already be envisioned that our everyday environment
will be equipped with embedded processors, wireless
communication facilities and embedded software to
perceive, perform and control a multitude of tasks and
functions for us. A pervasive and ubiquitous computing
landscape will emerge that is characterized by the
dynamics and context-awareness of the services it
provides, by the ad-hoc interoperability of these
services and by the different modes of user
interaction upon those services. The underlying hard-
and software will be sensitive, adaptive and
responsive to our needs, habits and even emotions.
With pervasive computing technology embodied into real
world objects like furniture, clothing, crafts, rooms,
etc., those artefacts also become the interface to
"invisible" services and allow to mediate between the
physical and digital (or virtual) world via natural
interaction - away from desktop displays and
keyboards.. Such an environment poses serious
challenges to the conceptual architectures of
computing, and the related engineering disciplines in
computer science. 

PerComp 2004, as part of Netobjectdays 2004, will
provide an excellent venue to bring together
researchers and practitioners working in all areas of
pervasive and ubiquitous computing with the objective
to discuss and explore latest technical developments
in this emerging field as well as to identify
potential future directions and issues. 

TOPICS OF INTEREST (can be but are not restricted to):
*  Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing Architectures
and platforms
*  Middleware and Pervasive Computing Infrastructures 
*  Software infrastructure for Pervasive and
Ubiquitous Computing
*  Computational Perception 
*  Ambient Intelligence 
*  Multi-Agent Systems and Pervasive Computing
*  Spontaneous, Wireless and Mobile Communication 
*  Networked Embedded Systems 
*  Context Awareness 
*  Autonomous Computing 
*  User interfaces for invisible and embedded
*  Emerging Industrial or Business Scenarios 
*  Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Pervasive
and Ubiquitous Computing Applications
*  Security, Trust and Privacy Issues 

The papers will be published in the workshop
proceedings. Moreover, it is intended to publish the
best papers in a special issue of a renowned journal. 

The length of each paper including figures and
references should not exceed 12 pages. All papers must
be written in English and submitted either in
postscript or PDF format. Papers are to be send to the
following email address:

Mihaela Ulieru (University of Calgary, Canada)

Prof. Dr. Rainer Unland 
University of Duisburg-Essen 
Institute for Computer Science and Business Information Systems (ICB) 
Practical Computer Science, especially Data Management Systems and Knowledge Representation 
Schuetzenbahn 70, 45117 Essen, Germany 
Tel.: (+49) 201-183 3421, Fax: (+49) 201-183 4460 
email: UnlandR@informatik.uni-essen.de 
WWW: http://www.cs.uni-essen.de/dawis/ ***************************************************************


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