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****************************** CFP APRIL 2003 *************************

Call for Papers 
Special Issue on Activated and Programmable Internet:
The Converging Technologies for the Internet based Active, Programmable 
& Computing Systems.
Journal of Computer Communications
Guest Editor: Prof. Javed I. Khan, Kent State University

Latest Information for the call for paper can be found from: 

Over the last few years a number of paradigms have emerged on the 
converging theme of the activated Internet. Paradigms trace back to 
vastly different origins, but converge on the unifying themewhere the 
Internet is not only a large network but also a confederated computing 
and communication platform. The spectrum ranges from grid networking, 
content services networking, active and programmable networks, sensor 
computing to the very recent automatic computing.

" Application services on peer-to-peer networks have recently toppled 
the Web as the leading consumer of backbone bandwidth. Active proxies 
are opening a new horizon for such services.
" Active networking aims at new network services by adding 
programmability to network devices.
" Programmable networking is exploring how the existing protocols on 
internetworking devices can be made versatile by making their features 
programmable via open interfaces.
" Grid computing targets scientific computing over massive number of 
networked computers, supercomputers, and massive storage.
" The latest-- automatic programming envisions the internet as the 
ultimate computing platform where resources can be adaptively 
congregated, used, and dismantled- all based on services need.

The objective of this special issue of the Journal of Computer & 
Communication is to showcase some of the brilliant and recent research 
in these convergent paradigms which merit potential cross fertilization. 
Authors are encouraged to submit high-quality papers dealing with 
original and innovative results along the themes. Both theoretical and 
practical results are highly welcome. Topics of particular interest 
include but are not limited to the following:

" Theory, Model & Framework
o Languages and models of network programmability
o OS and environments for network programming
o Models & framework for netcentric applications & services
" Architectures & Protocols:
o Programmable network architecture & hardware
o Server architecture for web based computing & service
o QoS, resource management & synchronization of active systems
o Security and privacy models for safe internet computing
o Ubiquity, global portability and mobility architectures
o Peer-to-peer systems with programmable transport protocols.
o Extensible network signaling protocols
o Service dissemination and discovery protocols
" Applications & Services:
o Services on active and programmable networks.
o Integrated content and application services involving proxy.
o Sensor computing.
o Grid applications.
o Automatic services & applications.

Submission: August 30, 2003
Acceptance decision: November 1, 2003
Final paper due: March 1, 2004
Publication date: Spring 2004

Authors are invited to submit full papers less than 25 pages, following 
the templates available from the publisher at 
http://authors.elsevier.com/ in electronic form (PDF preferred) to the 
Guest Editor at the following address:

Prof. Javed I. Khan
Department of Computer Science
Kent State University
233 MSB, Kent, OH-44242
Email: javed@kent.edu
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