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Customising RDF

From: Daniel Pupius <dan.pupius@actelearning.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 11:57:34 +0100
To: <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
Message-ID: <ADEMKJLENMMPFOONAGMOOEPJCBAA.dan.pupius@actelearning.com>

Hi all, I'm new to this email list so I hope that this is an appropriate
place to ask these questions.

For the new version of a website I work on we have decided to store our
articles using RDF as a base.  There are also two other sites we are linked
with that will use our XML format in an attempt to build a form of content
syndication - certain articles will appear in both sites using the given
site's own layout and styles.

I've tried to validate our XML but the validator throws up some errors I am
unsure about.  It would be great if someone could explain what I'm doing
wrong, and also any other suggestions on our XML would be appreciated.

The initial XML can be seen here:

Note that the default namespace is ours and that we allow the facility for
"embeded" content in a number of different types (e.g. xhtml1, html, xhtml2,
svg etc.). The <content> element could provide a link to an external

Here are the errors:

Error: {E201} Syntax error when processing "Daniel Pupius". Encountered
"Daniel Pupius" Was expecting one of: XML comment processing instruction end
element tag attribute rdf:bagID property attributes attribute rdf:type [Line
= 13, Column = 76]

Error: {E204} rdf:li is being used as a type.[Line = 34, Column = 102]

Error: {E201} Unusual Syntax error when processing start element rdf:li.
Encountered start element rdf:li Was expecting one of: XML ELEMENT CONTENT
end element tag [Line = 35, Column = 6]

Error: {E201} Unusual Syntax error when processing general start element
tag. Encountered general start element tag Was expecting one of: XML ELEMENT
CONTENT end element tag [Line = 41, Column = 4]

Error: {W102} Attribute: command. Unqualified use is deprecated. Assuming
namespace: http://13thparallel.com/schema/v2-page-desc/[Line = 69, Column =

(this last error occurs several times...



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  Technical Developer
  email: daniel.pupius@actelearning.com

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