Hi All,

Your advice please on the following....

We have a service called Internet Business Logic that can be used to write and run English specifications, using a standard browser as the author- and user interface.  The system generates and runs SQL over networked databases as needed.

A full description, and the system itself, is at www.reengineeringllc.com .

Since input/output is from/to a browser, the "API" language is simply html.

It's straightforward to describe the system to people as a "resource".

It's much more complex than a usual RDF resource.  How would we go about describing it so that net-enabled programs, rather than people, could find it and use it ?

Even if we restrict the problem to just running existing specifications, rather than trying to write new ones, this seems like a tough problem.

Perhaps it can be described using an extended series of html I/O examples, plus a grammar of what the system accepts and generates ?  But that seems to leave out a lot of necessary semantics.

Thanks in advance for your advice.                -- Adrian

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