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Call for Participation IEEE Industrial Informatics, Banff Aug 21 - 24

From: Rainer Unland <unlandr@informatik.uni-essen.de>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 20:47:34 +0200
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IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN03)
        to be held in Banff, Canada, August 21-24, 2003

the exciting program can be found at:

Early bird special (reduced conference fee): till July 15th

Keynote speakers:

Prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh: From Search Engines to Question-Answering
Systems—The Need for New Tools
Prof. Francis Hartman: The Role of Trust in Successful Systems
Development and Deployment
Prof. Hojjat Adeli: Wavelets to Enhance Computational Intelligence
Prof. Tharam S. Dillon: Virtual Collaborative Logistics
Bill St. Arnaud: Use of Grid and Web services for distributed automation
and process control
Soren Brier
Alan Martel, President - Canada Region, Intelligent Manufacturing
Systems Consortium
David Johnstone, President Cornerstone Strategies, Calgary


Prof. Dr. Rainer Unland
University of Duisburg-Essen
Institute for Computer Science and Business Information Systems (ICB)
Practical Computer Science, especially Data
Management Systems and Knowledge Representation
Schuetzenbahn 70
45117 Essen, Germany
Tel.: (+49) 201-183 3421
Fax: (+49) 201-183 4460
email: UnlandR@informatik.uni-essen.de
WWW: http://www.cs.uni-essen.de/dawis/
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