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Dear Reader,

Our main feature this week on XML.com is from well-known XML
experts Bob DuCharme and John Cowan.  In "Make Your XML
RDF-Friendly" they describe how to structure XML documents so
that they can be used by RDF processors.

The authors explain: "as RDF interest and application development
grows, there's an increasing payoff in keeping RDF concerns in
mind along with the other best practices as you design document
types."  If you've not done much with RDF before, the article
also provides a useful route to learning about it.


The XML developers' mailing list XML-DEV has often been the source
of innovation and insightful commentary on XML.  The advent of
XML 1.1 and other new specifications from the W3C has prompted
new rounds of vigorous analysis.

Kendall Clark reports this week, in his XML-Deviant column, on
the effects of XML 1.1 on SAX, and investigates what the criteria
are for a successful specification.

Find Kendall's column at

Finally this week John Simpson's XML Q&A column considers what is
required to build an XML-based web site.  John provides a useful
set of links to web sites, books and software, including some
interesting pointers even experienced XML hands may not have seen

Read XML Q&A at

Thanks for reading.

Edd Dumbill
Managing Editor, XML.com

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*** Featured Articles ***

Make Your XML RDF-Friendly
As the volume of RDF-consuming applications grow, the authors
demonstrate how XML documents can be made useful to RDF processors
as well as normal XML parsers.



Community and Specifications
Kendall Clark surveys recent discussion in the XML community,
covering XML 1.1, security considerations with XInclude and
whether it takes James Clark to create a successful specification.



XML and Web Sites
In his latest XML Q&A column John Simpson tackles the issue of
using XML to build web sites; along the way he includes links to
a long list of useful resources.


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*** XML News Headlines from The XML Cover Pages by Robin Cover ***

OASIS Members Propose TC for User Interface Markup Language (UIML)

Diffuse Final Conference Focuses on Web Services, Grid Services,
and Semantic Web

CIMI Consortium Releases SPECTRUM XML Schema Version 1.5 for

Sun Secure Trading Agent Technology Preview Supports ebXML MS
and CPA

Microsoft XSD Inference Tool Creates Schemas from XML Instances

For more information on any of these stories visit:

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