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RE: The Tragedy of RSS

From: Nick Gibbins <nmg@ecs.soton.ac.uk>
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 13:40:43 +0100
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Bill de hÓra <dehora@eircom.net> writes:

>>> In the meantime, Dublin Core strikes me as sufficient RDF for RSS
>>> 2.0.

>> Point of information: Dublin Core is a bibliographic metadata
>> vocabulary which is independent from, and which predates RDF.

> Yes. In the context of this discussion, DC in RSS [x] is going to go
> through RDF; so with all due respect I think you're splitting hairs.

This is a fair criticism - I was splitting hairs rather more than I

> Unless you think RDF should be cut out and DC embedded in a
> different way in RSS?

Absolutely not; I'm fully in favour of expressing RSS itself in RDF
(as in RSS 1.0), and regard the RDF-free RSS 2.0 as a bit of a
retrograde step.

However, I question whether the use of DC-in-RDF [1] elements in a
document which is not an RDF document can really be said to be a use
of RDF per se, especially given that the element names are identical
to those used in a 'pure' XML encoding of DC [2].

[1] Expressing Simple Dublin Core in RDF/XML
[2] Guidelines for implementing Dublin Core in XML

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