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Re: RDF, RDFS and DAML+OIL benifits over XML (fwd)

From: PbIKOB__B.B. <rykov-ont@narod.ru>
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 15:22:25 +0300 (MSK)
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To: passis@dee.isep.ipp.pt
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  Thank you, Pedro, for your bold question!


>I've read several W3C and DAML docs about RDF, RDFS and DAML (DAML+OIL),
>and their role in the Semantic Web project, but I'm still puzzle by the
>answers given to the basic question: "why use RDF-based technology rather
>than only XML-based?" If one use an OO modeling (expressive issue is
>address here) to describe the knowledge related to the target domain,
>translating the resulting schemata to XML, shouldn't the XML output
>address the same functionality as a RDF-based solution? Is it a mater of
>logic/inference capability?
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