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RE: [ann] Semantic Web Server 1.1 Released

From: Graham Moore <gdm@empolis.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 14:50:53 -0000
Message-ID: <D653A629EAEF0C4C92980347BE48CCBA1412A4@hendrix.empolisuk.com>
To: "Uche Ogbuji" <uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com>
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Hi Uche,

I think I should have been more specific and stated that it was, I think, the first exposure of an RDF model and related functions as a SOAP Service. i.e. we have defined and made public the WSDL for accessing functionality and data structures associated with an RDF model.

In all my searching I havent come across a WSDL definition of a RDF Service and Data Model - but the web is a big place. I have seen a lot of work - including yours, to use RDF to express WSDL. But no one has defined the RDF model in WSDL. I did search the 4Suite docs for something equivalent,but was unable to find it - my apologies if its been there all the time.

The WSDL for the SWS RDF Service is located at http://www.semanticwebserver.com/papers/sws.wsdl. I'm not suggesting that this is rocket science - just that I havent seen it defined before. I think this small file is a very enabling piece of technology.

We define 
	Types : 
	    1. What a statement looks like
	    2. A statement set

	    1. create statement
	    2. delete statement
	    3. query statements

In a way that can be understood and utilised by external systems.

There is more refinement to come in this interface - but it is a start and really begins to allow Semantic Web software to interchange RDF and query RDF models. XML is not a functional service it is merely syntax. We need models and operations defined in terms of those models.

I would like to see the RDF community define what this WSDL service and data structure should really look like. 



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> empolis are proud to announce the release of the Semantic Web Server. The latest release can be downloaded from:
> 	http://www.semanticwebserver.com
> Below are a summary of the key features:
> 	* Semantic Web meets Web Services - the first exposure of an RDF solution as a SOAP Web Service

Claims like this are always hazardous.  As an illustration, this one is not 
true.  4Suite has had a SOAP interface to its RDF features for almost a year 
now.  Even then, I'd hesitate to call it the first.


Good to see Empolis at this party, though.  Welcome.

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