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Re: Ann: Simplistic RDF Editor in SVG+ECMAScript

From: Damian Steer <D.M.Steer@lse.ac.uk>
Date: 03 Mar 2002 00:50:11 +0000
To: "Jim Ley" <jim@jibbering.com>
Cc: <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
Message-ID: <m1henyv5j0.fsf@evila.danbri.org>
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"Jim Ley" <jim@jibbering.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I've created a simple graphical RDF editor, based on the screenshots and
> description of http://rdfweb.org/people/damian/2001/10/RDFAuthor/ there
> are many things wrong with it, but as it basically works and I won't be
> able to work on it for awhile, I thought I'd tell people in the hope of
> getting some feedback on how this very much alpha software might be made
> properly useful.

My lawyers will be in touch ;-)
> It's currently only been tested and working in IE5.5 and 6 with the SVG
> Adobe plugin version 3.0, the only IE specific code is the clipboard
> output other than that everything should work with Mozilla if there's an
> appropriate SVG support and the "embed" is okay (IE5.5 doesn't like object

Didn't work on IE5.1 (mac os x) with Adobe Plugin (IIRC Adobe said
that DOM support was lacking), or (alas) any Mac OS X browsers -
though I haven't got Mozilla w/ svg built in. :-(

Sounds cool, tho'. Maybe amaya will work...

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