# KEHOME/knowledge/theory/Sowa/ontology.html # Dec/17/2002 # http://www.jtsowa.com/ontology/toplevel.htm # attributes #=========== attribute isg physical, abstract, independent, relative, mediating, continuant, occurrent # lattice #======== Sowalat is begin lattice Entity / Physical // Actuality /// Object /// Process // Prehension /// Juncture /// Participation // Nexus /// Structure /// Situation / Abstract // Intention /// Reason /// Purpose // Proposition // Description /// Form //// Schema //// Script Entity / Independent / Relative / Mediating Entity / Continuant / Occurrent end lattice Sowalat # definitions #============ Absurdity is bottom Entity is top Physical is Entity with physical # space, time Abstract is Entity with abstract # not space, not time Independent is Entity with independent # not HAS Relative is Entity with relative # HAS Mediating is Entity with mediating # {do create od HAS done} Continuant is Entity with continuant # space part, not time part Occurrent is Entity with occurrant # time part (stage), space part (participant) Actuality is Physical with independent Object is Actuality with continuant Process is Actuality with occurrent Prehension is Physical with relative Juncture is Prehension with continuant Participation is Prehension with occurrent Nexus is Physical with mediating Structure is Nexus with continuant Situation is Nexus with occurrent Intention is Abstract with mediating Reason is Intention with continuant Purpose is Intention with occurrent Proposition is Abstract with relative Description is Proposition with continuant Form is Proposition with occurrent Schema is Form with continuant Script is Form with occurrent # KE output #========== set hfocus = Entity