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Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 22:32:13 +0200
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I am proud to announce Fydra: the result of my graduation thesis.

It is a Java servlet that can form a network of search robots that exchange
execute queries. The queries are executed on the metadata of the files. The
metadata of the files is extracted by using special class files (called
Indexers) and save their data in RDF.

Because there are a infinite amount of file types around, Indexers are also
exchaged in the network so that whenever a new Indexer (with new RDF
extraction capabilities) comes around the whole network will able to use it.
(For now only Indeers for MP3 and RTF are available.)

Also (but perhaps not on topic in this mailinglist): it uses a system of
certificates to verify the data exchanged between two search robots.

You can find fydra (compiled & source) (and some additional explenation) on

Look into it, if you have the time: it is one of the few RDF applications
and perhaps I had some idea which can be usefull for you too.

    Johan Nagels
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