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From: Alberto Reggiori <alberto.reggiori@jrc.it>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 18:24:55 +0200
Message-ID: <3B2E2B57.E731102D@jrc.it>
To: perl-xml@listserv.ActiveState.com, rdfstore@egroups.com, RDF Interest <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
CC: ETB tech list <etb@jrc.it>
           RDFStore - Perl API for RDF Storage
                     version 0.4

RDFStore version 0.4 has been released.


* fixed a lot of bugs
* updated SiRPAC RDF parser accordingly to W3C latest java version
* DBMS now runs on Linux using db185 compatibility API
* added in-memory and SDBM storages support
* added file locking for DB_File and SDBM
* BerkeleyDB and DBMS support made optional
* Perl API updated to the latest Stanford RDF API Draft version
* changed home page URL (old one still works)

All other changes are listed at http://rdfstore.jrc.it/CHANGES

This version fixed a lot of bugs and inconsistencies in the original
Now RDFStore can run either in-memory, local or remote on-disk storages.
Perl ActiveState win32 users should be able to get minimum storage
via the SDBM library. Linux users can start to experiment with the DBMS
storage deamon distributed with the package. SiRPAC based applications
should benefit
of the latest bug fixing and updates from W3C site.

You can download the package either from the main project homepage or 
from CPAN.

A demo site is now available at http://rdfstoredemo.jrc.it.

Version 0.5 will implement a new indexing model and a full Perl TIE
over API constructs. Possibly a first version of the upcoming
rdfapi_perl will be
also included (see http://xml.jrc.it/rdfapi_perl/)


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