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Re: What to do about namespace derived URI refs... (long)

From: Seth Russell <seth@robustai.net>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 16:00:19 -0700
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Here is a hypothetical (it never happened) dialogue between me and TimBl

Tim:  A URI is just a name.
Seth:  Fine, what does it name?
Tim: Resources.
Seth: Ok.
Tim: A subset of a URI is a URL.
Seth:  Fine, How is is distinguished from URI.
Tim: An application can use a  URL to retrieve a bit stream.
Seth:  Well does it name the bit stream?
Tim:  Yes a URI is a name.
Seth: Am I a Resource.
Tim: Yes.
Seth: Why?
Tim: Because you have identiy and a Resource is anything that we can
associate a identity to.
Seth: Ok, so I can associate a URI with myself and internet applications can
use it for my name.
Tim: Yes
Seth: Tim, can I be retrieved on the Internte.
Tim: I suspect not.
Seth:  Then I should not have a URL to identify myself.
Tim: *shuffels his feet a bit*  Well you could use a URL with a fragment on
the end because I've been telling people that kind of thing does not
identify the document that is retrieved.
Seth:  But that URL might actually retrieve something if I an application
used it.
Tim: *starts to look out the window... he's rather be playing softball*  ...
uhh if you put a fragment with an id (not an anchor) it doesnt have to name
what you retrieve.
Seth:  How can an internet application distinguish between what the
URI#fragment retrieves and what it names?

Tim:  .....

Seth:  .. Tim? ..... now where'd he go ...
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