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Re: Proposal: variables, templates, and Stickey Cyber Molecules

From: Seth Russell <seth@robustai.net>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 15:07:04 -0800
Message-ID: <3A677718.550088E0@robustai.net>
To: Graham Klyne <GK-lists@ninebynine.org>
CC: Tim Berners-Lee <timbl@w3.org>, RDF-IG <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
Graham Klyne wrote:

> I think it is possible to achieve this effect without requiring an explicit
> indication that the node is a "variable", although I think there is a need
> to indicate the scope withi which the value/name bindings associated with a
> node may be applicable.

Well maybe its not even a variable;  but the fact that the node is an :Unknown must
be explicitly asserted.   Let's factor all the particulars out of the equation and
see what's left:

:Seth :isLookingFor [ a :Unknown].

That is the intent of the message,  I won't let you just lop it off.

:Seth  :mustGoTo  :Work
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