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general issues

From: <tarod@softhome.net>
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 09:21:31 GMT
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  Sorry, I was out during last days and I can't follow the different
discussions. I was reading the mails this morning and I would like to tell

  There is people that still don't know what is RDF, what is RDFS and what

  RDF is just sentences, it doesn't matter the meaning of this sentences,
on my application I can have

   A -a-> "1"
   B -b-> "1"

  And I can know that there is some kind of relation between A and B
because they reference to a literal with the same value, why not??? I'm not
saying that this is the best way to do it, but this is a correct RDF, and a
correct use of it.

  RDFS specifies when a RDF document is valid or not, anything else. Can I
have this literal as range of this property??

  And DAML+OIL specifies ontologies and of course, logic.

  But, there is people who wants to use only RDF, people who wants to use 
RDFS and people who wants to use DAML. We can't say that somebody is using
in the incorrect way RDF if he doesn't use logic. 

  RDF is just a way to define resources and properties. If you need to use
your RDF between different applications, you should specify some semantic
to this RDF in your applications (or you can use DAML but this is not



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