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for my problem.....

From: (wrong string) 이도경 <dklee@daumsoft.com>
Date: Sun Nov 26 23:28:59 2000
To: <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
Cc: <>
Message-Id: <001127132251.0000000Kfs@hw.daumsoft.com>

Hi, my name is Dokyoung,Lee. 
I'm korean, and i am studing for RDF.
I'm facing a difficult problem..
Now, i'm doing modeling Test for Homepage with RDF.
Hmm, i'm having results of modeling.
there are Triples,RDF/XML.(parsing with SiRPAC)
However, My problem is search for any information.

My model describes company.
Model(for company) have many predicate.
i.e. location,phone,Fax,Customer,cooperation company,product, member....etc.

among those....

If homepage have several infomation for same predicates(location), how exactly search "location for company" ? 
" location of company, location of cooperation company,location of research institute..."

Do you understand my question?
How about my problem?
Maybe, do you have a good idea?
please, do you send me your opinion...?

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