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Re: rdf: New types of statements

From: Jonas Liljegren <jonas@paranormal.o.se>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 01:07:19 +0100
Message-ID: <38CD82B7.2921C24F@paranormal.o.se>
To: rdf@uxn.nu, RDF Intrest Group <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
Oups! I made an error in the described solution. Sorry.

Corrections below:

Jonas Liljegren wrote:
> How do I represent in an RDF Schema, the properties a specific
> satement can have?
> Lets say I have a Person with an intrest in a Topic. (That would be a
> resource of type Person and a resource of type Topic in a Statement
> with the Predicate intrest.) Suppose I want to represent the strength
> of an individual persons individual intrest. That would be a property
> of the reified statement, not of the intrest property.
> I will have a IntrestStatement class that would be a rdfs:subClassOf
> rdfs:Statement.  The strength Predicate would have IntrestStatement as
> its domain. But how should I describe that those statements only can
> have the predicate 'intrest'?
> This calls for the use of the rdfs:ConstraintProperty. I will define a
> StatementType that is subClassOf rdfs:ConstraintProperty. It will have
> rdfs:Statement as its domain and rdf:predicate as its range.

StatementType, as a class, can of course not have domains and range. It 
would represent the class of properties that constrains the statement 

Instead, there would be a statementPredicate of *type* StatementType.
that predicate would have rdfs:Statement as domain and rdf:predicate as 

Other StatementType predicates could introduce other constraints.  And 
maby it should be called StatementConstraint instead of StatementType?

> Properties of type StatementType could then be used in new subclasses
> of Statement to connect them to specific predicates. This would let an
> application automaticly determine what type of statement a given
> statement is. And that would be used to know what type of reification
> properties that statement could have, like the strength property inmy
> example.
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