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Re: I gave a talk on RDF last night ....

From: William Grosso <grosso@SMI.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000 10:24:11 -0800
Message-ID: <38C69ACB.DCFE84A@smi.stanford.edu>
To: caro@Adobe.COM
CC: www-rdf-interest@w3.org

"Perry A. Caro" wrote:
> Interesting info, thanks.  Did you happen to talk 
> about usages of RDF other than the Semantic Web, 
> particularly unconnected usages?

Not really. In a talk that short, you need a focal 
point ("and *this* is why you really need RDF [or
something like it]"). Examples from the B2B arena
seemed like a natural fit with Java developers. 

What other examples were you thinking of ?

> The CC specifically identifies RDF syntax as a problem that make it hard
> (impossible) to apply XML Schema, and suggests that that should be one of
> the first issues to work on.  This is consistent with the bulk of
> discussions on this forum for the last few months.

There have been discussions. And they've been (somewhat) bulky.
My original question may boil down to "what's the process
for converting mailing-list ruminations into an actual next
version (and is that process under way, and how far along is
it, and ....) ?"

William Grosso
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