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access and reference to WordNet classes/links

From: Philippe Martin <Philippe.Martin@sophia.inria.fr>
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 16:07:40 +0200
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Dan Brickley has implemented a Web server providing the superclasses of a 
WordNet category in RDF.
However, this server does not distinguish between category (unique) identifiers
and category names (in WordNet a category may have several names and conversely,
a name/word is connected to several categories). In Dan Brickley words: "the current
demo conflates 'word senses' with the words associated with those senses"

I have implemented a CGI server where this problem is fixed and that permits to
search (or refer to via an URL) not only a WordNet category and its superclasses
but also, depending on the parameters, its subclasses, instances, and categories 
related by other links (e.g. partOf, memberOf, substanceOf, exclusiveWith).
I have also made an HTML+Javascript interface to this CGI server:

In this interface and its documentation (accessible by clicking on the title),
I refer to categories as (formal) "terms". Results can be provided in RDF
or 2 other formats. Navigation between the terms is also possible.
Another CGI server and interface permit the comparison of two given terms:

Note 1: I inserted the top-level WordNet categories into my top-level ontology.
This permits to use these 84,000 categories with the 120 basic relations that I
defined and to support semantic checks on the uses and updates of whole ontology.
This top-level ontology and the way the insertion has been made is documented at:
A 4.2 Mb gzipped version of the whole ontology in RDF can be accessed at:

Note 2: I implemented these CGI servers on top of FastDB, a main memory database 
management system (with transactions) that has a C++ API and similar principles
as FramerD. This generally permits immediate answers to the queries (at least
from France; it takes 1 or 2 seconds from Australia during the week-end).
FastDB home page is at: http://www.ispras.ru/~knizhnik/fastdb.html

I hope you'll enjoy these tools.


Dr Philippe Martin                   .
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