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RE: ontology & careers?

From: Dimitris Dimitriadis <Dimitris.Dimitriadis@linq.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 09:32:11 +0200
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To: "'s-champ@pacbell.net'" <s-champ@pacbell.net>, www-rdf-interest@w3.org
Ontology is nothing other than a 3000 year old discipline investigating the
structure of what is, that is, the world, and how the objects comprising
this world relate to each other. Knowledge representation comes into the
picture when man, the subject thirsting for knowing, relates to the world to
gain insights. The theoretical framework investigating this act is called

Of course, these terms have of late started being used by disciplines other
than those that invented them.

Kind regards,

D. Dimitriadis

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From: S. Champ [mailto:champ@muntada.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 5:05 PM
To: www-rdf-interest@w3.org
Subject: ontology & careers?


I'm new to the namespace of "ontology".

but I like what a first-pass with "Protege" seems to have implied about

( placing data into definite nodes along some tree-like structures.
cross-referencing. keeping some track on the mass of information in this

 "private class Theory extends Idea implements ScientificMethod" 

[... or something like that ... seemed a more appropriate analogy than
the "camshaft" and "driveline" ones ("...extends Axle implements

I'm wondering, then, how folks might say that Ontology comes into-usage
in "the workplace" ( boiler-room, cafeteria-line, hospital,
research-institute, or otherwise ).  

and is it a definite & seperate discipline? 

   (guessing there mightn't be many options for a college-degree in
Ontology. or am I mistaken, about that?

    also, either way, it seems like a "Masters Degree" in Ontology might
return a blank stare from some potential employers.  is there anything
to address, about this?  )

( may be looking for something of a definite intro to Ontology, here. 
and probably some materiel for a web-page, or a set thereof.  with
proper credit given about information-sources, 'course.)

if you can cc: or bcc: any replies to

...that would be appreciated.

any tips on other mailing-lists and/or newsgroups and/or web-sites, to
query about Ontology, should also be appreciated.

thank you.

-- Sean Champ
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