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Re: SIMILE PI phone conference, 15-Jan-04 1100 EDT/1600 BST

From: MacKenzie Smith <kenzie@MIT.EDU>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 19:47:57 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: "'SIMILE public list'" <www-rdf-dspace@w3.org>
Cc: Greg McClellan <gam@mit.edu>

Hi Mark (and all),

I'm at a project advisory board meeting in Cambridge UK all day tomorrow 
and so will miss this call. Greg or I will send an update about the ARTStor 
thumbnails as soon as they're loaded onto simile.mit.edu. And we should 
have some word about Stefano's visa status by this time next week. No other 
news to report.


At 07:47 PM 1/14/2004 +0000, Butler, Mark wrote:
>SIMILE PI phone conference, 15-Jan-04 1100 EDT/1600 BST
>866-639-4752 or +1-574-935-6705
>PIN: 2536617
>1. Review demonstration goals
>2. Review project task list
>    - round table on currently active tasks
>    - review non-active tasks
>(More details of these items are below)
>Stage 1: Using subset of Artstor corpus, data in memory, demonstrate that we
>1. view subset of Artstor data
>2. view OCW data
>3. use faceted browse on subset of Artstor data
>4. use faceted browse on OCW data
>5. query subset of Artstor data
>6. query OCW data
>7. do 1 & 2 together
>8. do 3 & 4 together
>9. do 5 & 6 together
>Stage 2: Repeat stages 1 - 9 but for the full Artstor corpus with the data
>in persistant database
>Stage 3: Repeat stages 1 - 9 but for full Artstor corpus, retrieve data via
>1 - Revising Artstor and OCW datasets (Mark)
>Progress: OCW uses Perl and XSLT. Unfortunately getting Perl to work on my
>machine took nearly a day so little progress.
>1.1 - Add type information to OCW
>1.2 - Adopt a common way of displaying names in both Artstor and OCW
>1.3 - Work on custom browser has highlighted that some of the fields in
>Artstor are hierarchical, need to change data model to reflect this and
>update browser
>2 - Displaying Artstor and OCW datasets in Haystack (Steve, Vineet, Mark)
>Progress: Can display Artstor data in Haystack (see enclosed screenshot)
>2.1 - Some issues about redraw speed in Haystack
>2.2 - If you click on facet, then it no longer displays as a collection but
>as a list of URIs
>2.3 - want to be able to customise the fields in the facet navigator as some
>contain technical metadata which we are excluding from the demo
>2.4 - In Haystack, the faceted browser only identifies 984 items in the
>collection, whereas the custom browser has 3046 - why is this?
>2.5 - Haystack also needs to address the hierarchical fields issue, but it
>is less obvious here as this detail is swamped due to the technical metadata
>2.6 - Need to work on displaying OCW data, but this is waiting on the OCW
>3 - Produce HTML front-end for Haystack (Steve)
>Progress: Steve
>4 - Custom browser (Mark)
>Progress: Have made very good progress, now have a working prototype that
>can browse Artstor data (see enclosed screenshot)
>4.1 - Need to add paging for facets
>4.2 - Need to add reordering of facets
>4.3 - Need to add hierarchical grouping of facets, where appropriate
>4.4 - Could add searching to facets
>4.5 - Need to demonstrate OCW dataset in prototype
>4.6 - Currently prototype uses lucene as a query engine. Need to switch to
>using RDQL.
>4.7 - Put prototype in CVS for team feedback
>5 - CVS access for all team members (Mark)
>Progress: Mark has arranged CVS access for all team members
>5.1 - Need to reorganize CVS in a more intelligent manner, make proper build
>6 - Haystack Joseki Integration (Vineet, David H, Steve)
>"David H is gone till the end of the month. He managed to get the
>integration working, except that there where bugs - some views displayed
>properly while others gave errors. We do not know the nature of the bug, and
>I have a feeling that Dennis wanted to look at it. I might look at it if I
>manage to finish the other things before then, i.e. not before the last week
>of this month." Vineet
>7 - Haystack user testing
>Identify several team members to do this.
>8 - Managing Haystack / SIMILE issue list
>Identify someone to manage this issue list.
>9 - Identifying a subset of corpus for stage 1 demo
>Identify someone to do this
>10 - Making datasets available via Joseki
>Two issues here: we need a process for doing this, as we will have to update
>them, so need to make updates as simple as possible, and we need to do this
>in a secure way.
>Identify someone to work on this
>11 - Custom browser user testing
>Custom browser not yet finished, but when issues are resolved need to make
>it available to team for user testing in the same way as Haystack. Also need
>to manage issue list in a similar way.
>12 - Exploring data using Brownsauce or RDFNavigator
>Proposed by Eric Miller
>13 - Creating infrastructure at simile.mit.edu
>Private email list, WIKI
>Dr Mark H. Butler
>Research Scientist                HP Labs Bristol
>Internet: http://www-uk.hpl.hp.com/people/marbut/

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