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SIMILE PI phone conference, 11-Feb-04 1100 EDT/1600 BST

From: Butler, Mark <Mark_Butler@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 19:48:15 -0000
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SIMILE PI phone conference, 11-Feb-04 1100 EDT/1600 BST

Minutes of previous call:
866-639-4752 or +1-574-935-6705
PIN: 2536617


A1. Review Actions from previous call


- Stefano is going to install the web infrastructure on simile.mit.edu
- Mark is going to write a Todo list for the demo using the wiki 
see http://simile.mit.edu/wiki
- Steve will write instructions on how to setup haystack with the simile
data on the Wiki (Mark has done this).
see http://simile.mit.edu/wiki/HowToBuild
- Stefano to clarify label VRAImage with MacKenzie
Close this issue, changed label to "Image" (Mark). 


- Mark is going to install longwell on simile.mit.edu 
Problem installing java.
- Stefano is going to run usability test with librarians 
Waiting for the above.


- Eric is going to write a list of items of things that would impress people
in the semantic web community (for the demo) 
- Steve will take a few sexy snapshots of haystack (maybe put them in the
wiki too?) 
- Kevin is going to write a value proposition and pass it along to eric and

A2. Preparation for March Demo (Eric)

A3. Review project task list

1. Project infrastructure

Update from Stefano on Wiki, Java issues

2. Artstor and OCW datasets (Mark)


3. Longwell client (Mark)


4. Haystack client (Steve)


Mark Butler
Research Scientist 
HP Labs Bristol
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