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SIMILE PI phone conference, 05-Feb-04 1100 EDT/1600 BST

From: Butler, Mark <Mark_Butler@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 19:18:55 -0000
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SIMILE PI phone conference, 05-Feb-04 1100 EDT/1600 BST
866-639-4752 or +1-574-935-6705
PIN: 2536617


A1. Update from PIs
A2. Review project task list

Apologies from Steve Garland. 



1. Project infrastructure

Update from Stefano

- Comments on CVS, IPSSources, IssueZilla, WIKI etc ?

2. Artstor and OCW datasets (Mark)

- Demo now uses the subsets identified by Kevin.
- Issue around sub classes / broader and narrower terms / inferencing.
- Issue about giving Artstor images the type "VRA Image" raised by MacKenzie
last week. 

3. Longwell client (Mark)

- Can now demonstrate mapping between datasets using inference.
- Inference engine in Jena seems to have memory leak, had to write custom
inference engine.
- Some issues about the use of subclasses for broader and narrower terms
(see above).
- Can also use persistant datasources as well as in memory datasources.
- Demo at stage where other team members can write script.
- Need to separate out inference engine, so that dataset with inferences can
be saved and read into Haystack.
- Outstanding issues:
  - Frequency calculations
  - Subclassing
  - Drill down versus browse issue raised last week.
  - Scalability of user interface
  - Query via HTTP
  - Query over entire dataset
  - Performance
  - Tidying up code, adding comments, writing architectural documentation

4. Haystack client 

(Progress report from Haystack team member?)

5. Preparation for March demonstration

- Need to start creating script
- Need to have a discussion about the presentation in Cannes, but Steve G
needs to be present

Mark Butler
Research Scientist 
HP Labs Bristol
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