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SIMILE PI phone conference, 20 June 2003 1200 EDT/1700 BST

From: Bass, Mick <mick.bass@hp.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 11:51:02 -0700
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SIMILE PI phone conference, 20-June-03 1200 EDT/1700 BST

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1/ update, status, & next steps: Relevant Technologies Document

2/ Discussion: Use Case Restructuring

3/ Call for PI Review: Use Cases
	from last weeks log:
	16:29:44 [marbut]
	Mackenzie: Some of the UC are collapsable. The first are collapsable. We've also done some priortiziation. 
	16:29:57 [marbut]
	The problem is the PIs will proritize them in different ways. 
	16:30:13 [marbut]
	Eric: But that might be an interesting experiment.

	We need to action this more clearly, to yield results in advance of the plenary.

4/ Discussion: CNRI Debrief

5/ AOB

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